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The Search Process

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We meet with you to define your needs and the search context, to obtain the role and candidate profile description, to develop a timeline and search plan and to discuss employee compensation, housing and work Visas.

Identification and Assessment
Our offices, foreign contacts and associates will engage in direct and data base search, follow recommended strategies, pursue internet and other candidate sources, including the integration of internal candidates.

We’ll conduct telephone and personal interviews, background and security checks including drug tests if necessary.

A progress report will be developed and submitted to you for review, consideration and discussion.

Following consultation with our client, a shortlist of candidates is developed, a detailed assessment of each candidate is generated and references are verified.

Staffing and Coordination
Our offices coordinate the final administration of all the documentation required by the authorities to facilitate the legal and authorized entry of each candidate, we confirm the work visa acceptance, the employment start date, location, housing arrangements, travel dates and orientation.

We remain in contact with our client to ensure the proper arrival and employment start of each employee and we follow up and consult on their assimilation and progress.


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