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Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge:

Experience: We are familiar and understand the employment marketplace better than anyone else; our professional recruiters specialize in certain industries and types of positions. They bring an objective, unbiased view of the market to your search.

Contacts and Connections: We are talking to talented people every day. We are connected and have a detailed roadmap to hidden talent sources that cannot be accessed by newspaper ads, alumni associations, applicant databases or the Internet. We are your guides to finding the best and most talented candidates.

Unbiased input: A professional recruiter is not interested in putting the wrong person in the position. Our reputation is based on our ability to find someone better than a company can find on their own.

Confidentiality: Constant advertising can be harmful to a company's reputation, causing a perception that a company is unable to attract top candidates or keep them once they are hired. It may also cause turmoil to existing employees as to why they were not being considered, why people are leaving etc. It can also give your competitors insight into weaknesses inside your organization.

Expediency: The recruiting process is always faster through a professional recruiter who is continually tapped into the talent marketplace. You know the cost of a key position remaining open, both in terms of lost revenue, lost opportunity and the effect on morale for those having to cover the position until it is filled.

Post-Hire Downtime: Not only is expediency an essential part of the recruiting process, but the ability to locate a person who can "hit the ground running" with a minimum of "ramp-up time" saves time and money.

Reality Check: Since professional recruiters are hired to provide the right candidate to solve a problem, not just fill a slot, they are able to provide alternate target industries or give insight into realistic salary requirements etc.

Negotiation: As a buffer and informed intermediary, the professional recruiter is better able to blend the needs and wants of both parties to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement without the polarizing roadblocks which can materialize in face-to-face dealings. The recruiter will also be there to walk the candidate through the resignation process and the inevitable counter offer.

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