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Michael A Baron

Human Capital is recognized as the most challenging and costly component of every business and industry, sourcing, recruiting and selecting the right employee is but the first installment in human resources development, training and education is an essential component that drives efficiency, quality and brand reputation of the business, employee loyalty is directly related to the efforts and contributions made by both the business and the employee.


I know that no single approach is the right one for every case of human resource management, and so I have been trained in a consulting environment that has provided an opportunity to consider, evaluate and recognize the uniqueness of a wide range of industries in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

Born in 1952 in Casablanca my family emigrated to Canada in 1967, speaking French only I was enrolled in a local High-School in Toronto and had to attend fulltime classes while learning to speak English, I graduated with honors and went on to attend Seneca College in Toronto; graduating in 1976 from a 3 year Business Administration program majoring in Hospitality and Marketing.

1978 to 1982 Applied and joined an International Hospitality Recruiter discovering a passion for International recruitment and staffing.

1982 to 1990 Was recruited by Dennis Donnelly the former senior partner in charge of the Human Resources Practice at Peat Marwick International to lead the executive search practice at a his growing management consulting firm The Donnelly Group, based in Toronto, The Donnelly Group delivered a broad range of management consulting services to a number of Fortune 500 companies that included International Real Estate Developers, leading International luxury hotel developer and operator, crown corporations and financial institutions. During this period, the company was instrumental in providing a broad range of human resources services to one of Canada's premier real estate developers following their multi-billion dollar acquisition of two major United States retailers and shopping center groups, services included the restructuring of 3 major organizations with thousands of employees, the hiring of new senior management and the consolidation of a wide range of operating departments including relocation counseling for terminated/retired elements of the workforce.

In 1988 I became a full partner and the practice was renamed Donnelly, Baron and Associates.

In 1990 I founded Baron, Brink International Inc., operating from Toronto with a Minneapolis based office headed by a renowned hotel executive, the late Amos Juster, focusing on executive recruitment to the luxury segment of the hotel/resort industry with particular attention to the development and opening requirements of properties in North America and the Caribbean.

In 1992 for a period of 7 years, I became the founder, President and CEO of a Telecommunications Company in Toronto, a deregulated market place in Canada presented an opportunity to deliver telecom services to both commercial and residential clients, our company was responsible for switching clients from the National Telco Bell Canada to our business model to benefit from low cost personalized and customized services.

In 1999 following the rationalization of the Telecommunications market place I returned on a fulltime basis to Executive Search expanding Baron, Brink International Inc. through Associates in Miami and Washington D.C. Specializing in the luxury segment of the hotel/resort industry with a particular attention to the senior management and executive staffing requirements of private asset management and diversified real estate investors.


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